Fall - Winter 2021 Collection



The everyday has got a new character.

Discover the new line of bright, lively and versatile bags and accessories, symbols of Italian style.

Designed for the contemporary woman, the Colourful line will make your every moment extraordinary.

  1. Double Tote Bag

    Double Tote Bag

    A partire da 129,00 €
Collezione Autunno Inverno


Calling all globetrotters!

The modern and functional design of Cosmopolitan is meant to ensure best in class comfort while traveling or commuting everyday.

A complete line of bags and accessories to complete your wardrobe on-the-go, always bringing the Italian style with you.

  1. Duffle Bag

    Duffle Bag

    A partire da 179,00 €
Collezione Autunno Inverno


Gentle outside, gritty inside.

All models will surprise you with their extraordinary style and versatility.

From bags to backpacks that transform into shoulder bags, the Bloom line is designed to meet the needs of those who are always on the move for work or leisure.

  1. Shoulder Bag With Inner Bag

    Shoulder Bag With Inner Bag

    A partire da 105,00 €
  1. Bag Convertible In Backpack

    Bag Convertible In Backpack

    A partire da 89,00 €


Trendy Pens
Trendy Pens


A fashion icon in your pocket.

Playful and colorful, the pens from the Minny and Mipo collection are the best companions for those who love to always find a moment for writing.

A classic from Campo Marzio perfect to be always carried with you, either in your bag or in your pocket.
Small in size but great in style.

  1. Minny Fountain Pen

    Minny Fountain Pen

    A partire da 25,00 €
  1. Mipo Ballpoint

    Mipo Ballpoint

    A partire da 19,00 €
Idee Regalo


Extraordinary occasions deserve extraordinary gifts.

Discover the extraordinary selection of gift ideas for him and her: you’ll render every moment unique and memorable.

And don’t forget: the iconic Campo Marzio gift wrapping is always free!

  1. Wallet With Wristlet

    Wallet With Wristlet

    A partire da 69,00 €
  1. Fedor Document Holder

    Fedor Document Holder

    A partire da 49,00 €
Gift Ideas

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